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TCC 2009: Creativity in Collaborative Projects for Learning Partners and Small Groups

My live notes from TCC 2009

Creativity in Collaborative Projects for Learning Partners and Small Groups
by Dr. Selia Karsten, Ontario Canada


The more complex systems get, the more she looks for ways to use it so that technophobes will be willing to use it

She uses Web KF (web knowledge forum) & Blackboard primarily
– also uses OISENet

Showed us the following projects and then opened up the floor for discussion and questions

Three different projects
– reading a teacher memoir & PP presentation
– 2 questions based on it
– small victories
– tuesdays with morrie (youtube presentation)
– construct a course using a constructivist model
– partner project
– step by step instructions on any course they want to develop
– fishbowl environment
– team project
– choose a topic or theme for a website as an educational resource
– criteria
– chats (synchronous work)

Discussed the constructivist design course, in particular

Constructivist Design Course
– chapter students read because its a model
– Patricia Rogers
– ch 7
– case study about enriching a university course
– chat session
– discuss that they want to develop together
– just create an outline
– using some of the concepts from the chapter must answer some questions
– advantages & disadvantages to constructivist model in their course
– how to ensure students have a good learning experience
– assignment
– create a summary about what they gained from process
– copy of chat
– outline of course
– post it where the rest of the students in the course can see it

How to deal with students who don’t participate
– depend on students to let the instructor know about non-participation of partner or group members
– send email reminder, phone them if email is bad, do it behind the scenes if at all possible
– for groups – make suggestions to people individually rather than public
– the idea is to help and move them towards success
– first thing she asks her students to do is a survey about tech abilities, how many courses taken online, etc.
– try to include plenty of resources for students to access
– try to respond to all questions

Set up guidelines for roles and participation
– intro to each project are some clear expectations
– for groupwork, they create their own

What Social Media Tools do your students use, if at all? (my question)
– not much room for additional tools since they’re already learning 3 LMS
– one project used YouTube
– mostly use FreeWebs
– did not see use of wikis, blogs, ning, linkdin, facebook, twitter, etc

Do you students have trouble switching back and forth between LMS? (my question)
– yes, particularly Bb
– warn students which tools to use in each LMS
– give them preliminary tasks to get them used to using the tools

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