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TCC 2009: Librarians and Social Networking: Patrons and Professionals Connecting in 2D and 3D

My live notes from TCC 2009

Librarians and Social Networking: Patrons and Professionals Connecting in 2D and 3D

by Ilene Frank and Joe Floyd from University of South Florida, Tampa

What is social networking?
– help build online communities for people who share interests and activities

Examples = Facebook, MySpace, LinkdIn, Twitter, Flickr, etc.

Why should librarians and educators care about social networking?
– that’s where our users are
– pew internet & american life project from2009
– 75% of adults have a profile on a social network site
– Facebook
– general growth
– more than 175  million users

Librarians using social networking for professional development
– ALA facebook
– 67k users
– 123k libraries around world
– umbrella organization for librarians
– reaching out to librarians
– using all sorts of different social media tools to reach their librarians and others

Please note that I use the abbreviation SL to refer to Second Life.

Another tool for social networking: Second Life
– relatively inexpensive
– huge potential user base
– can interact with users and organizations like you would in real life

Took off for librarians around 2006

What is Second Life?
– is an immersive multi-user 3D virtual environment
– has an economy
– collaborative and creative environment
– provides interaction via VoIP and/or text chat with people all over the world
– is persistent, shared space

How Librarians got to second life: alliance library system
– out of illinois provided much of the support and helped grow the library community on second life in early 2006
– goal: to explore the use of virtual worlds for library services and resources
– alliance virtual libarary infoisland.org for events, courses, librar

First official librarians meeting – April 2006

Librarian level of involvement in Second Life
–   how many librarians in SL?
– as of April 2008: librarians of SL group: almost 1300 librarians
– SL 2.0 group 2086 librarians

Alliance Virtual Library uses social networking to advertise more social networking – SL

Services for users: collections
– libraries on SL house collections: public domain books, exhibits, links, special collections, online magazines, newspapers, etc
– libraries highlight specialized interests such as sicence fiction & fantasy, mysteries, geneolgy, etc

Services for users: Reference
– really popular,s taffed with volunteers
– general reference questions and questions about SL

Services for users: Events
– events include poetry readings, book talks, author talks, story-telling, exhibitions, performances, etc.
– 15 events scheduled on library islands between April 7-25, 2009

SL Librarians and professional development
– SL provides
– space for interaction between librarians from different types of libraries who might not normally meet such as school librarians, academic librarians, special librarians, archivists
– on SL can interact no matter what type of librarian you are
– space for interaction between librarians from different countries
– space for interaction between library science graduate students, working professionals, and library administrators
– cannot do this in real life very easily
– grad student was able to meet movers and shakers in Distance Education
if had run into each other in a RL conference, might not have been able to talk to one another

SL Provides opportunities for collaboration
– collab with other libraries, companies, educators, non profits, and business to create places and info in SL
– collab across library pro organization from ALA, AASL. ACRL, etc
– collab with educators, technologists, and others from related organizations such as NMC, ISTE, etc
– new media consortium
– international society for technology in education

SL provides a space for continuing education and training
– examples
– courses in librarianship in virtual worlds held in SL
– meetins to discussion special topics in librarianship – library buzz sessions
– educational session on using SL itself

San Jose State University, University of South Carolina, University of Hawaii and others are using Second Life as part of their grad programs for library and information science students
– made an interesting comment that this is starting to show up on resumes that applicants have experience in SL

SL: A place to find a job?
– Library Career Fair, May 8th 2009

New publishing opportunities

Librarians are putting on conferences and presentations about SL in RL

Librarians are putting on conferences inside SL

This brings us to another things librarians do in SL: socialize
– can meet people from all around the world
– get contacts, find out about whats going on

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