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TCC 2009: Creating a Culture of Learning – Modeling a Vision for Technology Use in an Online Environment to Impact the Use of Technology in the K-12 System

Creating a Culture of Learning – Modeling a Vision for Technology Use in an Online Environment to Impact the Use of Technology in the K-12 System

by Silvia Braidic and Joe Oliphant

  • this session will share idea of how to create a culture of learning in an online class at the university level so that it will impact the vision and use of technology at the k-12 level
    • background
    • lead the way
      • how to model and infuse effective practice of technology
    • technology tools
    • enabling others to act
      • steps to increase technology awareness
    • research on coaching
    • a little trivia
    • the evolution of technology
    • resources
    • Q&A


  • California University of PA Admin Program for Princicples
  • standards based program (ELCC, PDE, QM)
  • Online
  • Who are we? (people attending)
    • around the world

Consider this…IF

  • your own expectations and technology use can have a profound effect on the way your school’s existing technology resources are used (Moses, 2006)


  • what steps can you take to impact the way tech is utilized to maximize student learning in the k-12 classrooms?
    • modeling
    • many of the resources shared will translate to many different fields

Polling session of what we do

  • different areas, facilitators, k-12 teachers, other (ID, ed tech, etc)

Our proposition….Lead the way

  • model a vision for technology
    • university program, university student, teachers, students

Lead the Way: Model a Vision

  • awareness of technological tools
  • understanding of the capability of various tech tools
    • learning-centered environments to meet diverse needs
  • infuse effective practices
    • promote participation
    • examples: model effective communication, collaboration, and use
  • instructional coaching for technology

Tech Tools

  • skype
  • aggregators/feed readers-rss readers
  • google docs
  • google forms
  • wikis
  • data collection tools/handhelds
  • electronic portfolios

Tech Tools

  • support communication
  • foster collaboration
  • address diverse needs
  • stimulate innovation and creativity
  • promote student learning


  • what is it?
    • skype is a software that allows users to make telephone calls over the  internet
  • Highlights
    • free
    • easy to use
    • allows for meaningful conversations beyond a written chat format

showed video of Skype webcam of young girl and instructor communicating about her piano lesson

Aggregators/Feed Readers
  • what is it?
    • tool that lets content come to you
  • highlights
    • free
    • tech helps you
    • site starts feeding your feed reader
    • starts with a few blogs
    • add more as you come across blogs
    • set aside time each day to read/skim blog posts that appear in feed reader
    • bloglines.com, google.com/reader
  • get info and stay updated all at once

Google Docs

  • what is it?
    • create, edit and share documents
  • highlights
    • free
    • simple
    • create and edit docs
    • documents stored safely online
    • easy access, anytime anywhere
    • collab with others
  • administrators need to model it for teachers, even by using a spreadsheet to share with others
    • easy to keep it in one place where everyone can see it and make changes/comments

Google Forms

  • what is it?
    • create a form, invite others to fill it out, and complete info in one place
  • highlights
    • free
    • simple
    • creates a form
    • allows you to invite people to fill it out
    • answers will automatically be added to a spreadsheet
    • easy access – anytime, from anywhere


  • what is it?
    • group of web pages with edit buttons on them
  • highlights
    • free
    • easy to use
    • encourages collaboration
To me, it is funny that principals have tools available for walkthroughs (for assessment), but no specific walkthroughs for their tools

  • checking for certain things when observing a classroom
  • do the same thing for the technology
    • springboardschools.org/tools_resources/walkboutwt.html

ISTE Classroom Observation Tool

  • what is it?
    • ICOT is an online tool that provides a set of question to guide classroom observations of a
  • highlights
    • free
  • has sections to checking off tech used by teacher/students, what is observable in the classroom

Electronic Portfolios (e-Portfolio)

  • collection of evidence that documents the knowledge and skills that are necessary for candidates to become effective leaders
  • highlights
    • portfolio template
    • electronic – livetext
    • easy to use
    • may revisit throughout the program to add or change artifacts

Possible steps to increase tech awareness

  • understanding of how tech supports teaching and learning
  • modeling expectations for effective use
  • advocacy for instructional tools available
    • involve parents, staff members, school board members
  • differentiation of skills to staff members
  • professional development for principals in usage of resources
  • sharing of best practices for principals using technology
  • positive relationships between principals and tech coordinators
Resources Google take home form

  • join a learning community
  • share ideas
  • collaborate
  • establish a research base
  • continue the conversation!

Feel free to add your ideas

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