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TCC 2009 Keynote: Global Collaboration in the Web 2.0 World

my live notes from TCC 2009

Keynote: “Global Collaboration in the Web 2.0 World”
by Sue Waters

– how to use web tools to collaborate
– traditionally, classrooms are teacher centered
– walled in classrooms
– some interaction between students
– confining learning w/o web tools
– with web tools
– opens up the collaboration
– can collab with people around the world
– lots of interaction
– can bring in experts from outside the classroom that might help students learn a subject
– students begin to ask questions and learn differently

Sue’s Journey
– began with webct, moved up the chain
– fell into blogging eventually
– edublogs employed her

Your journey
– poll of 152 participants
– where are you?
– 46% yes, 32% no blogs
– 38% yes, 32% no wikis
– 20% yes, 52% no microblogging

Common misconceptions (of digital natives)
– using it
– expect young students to have grown up with or use this technology
– want to use it
– not always want to use it
– some students are anti using it
– better at it
– reality is they are good at using tech for its purpose
– how we need them to use it for learning, they are not better at that

Blogs for global collaboration
– need to have students respond to each other’s posts
– part of the learning comes from writing the post
– part comes from other’s challenging your thinking
– get interaction with other blogs and other classrooms
– move collab outside the classroom
– conversations going on other blogs
– lots of conversations and linking between blogs
– one way to do this is “student blogging challenge”
– age range is very large
– each week (10 weeks) students get a challenge
– have them do tasks that increase their bloggin/writing skill and challenge their thinking/learning
– then go and post to as many blogs as they can to begin and continue the communication between students
– interesting to see the students who’s first language is not english

http://abbeyr604.edublogs.org/ (one of the students participating)

when you start collaborating on a wiki, google document is different from collaborating on a blog
– students are working together; no sense of ownership like there is with a blog

Collaboration is a life skill that students need to have
– if you haven’t learned how to collaborate yourself, how can you model it for your students?

Flatclassroomproject (http://flatclassroomproject2008.wikispaces.com/
– we need to teach our students about different cultures
communication – can use Ning, whatever tools you can
connect through elluminate
collaborate in a wiki
– students are formed into teams, choose a topic
create a video

The NetGen Education Challenge
– Don Tapscott is involved
– students are interacting at a higher level because they are bringing in outside experts

– anything goes

– you need to start using the tools yourself before you can expect students to use them
– start off small and then start becoming more involved in bigger projects

5 tools for building own PLN (personal learning network)
1. twitter
2. set up own blog
3. subscribe to blogs using feed reader like google reader
4. set up social bookmarking site
5. join Ning community



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  1. Hi April, thanks for sharing what was covered during my presentations. I’ve been traveling since I did the presentation last week so haven’t had time to write my own reflections. So it is good to see people like you have taken time to record the information and that you have listed pretty much every thing I covered.

    I hope the information I shared has helped you.

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