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Cathy Moore’s “5 Ways to Make Linear Navigation More Interesting”

I really enjoy Cathy Moore’s take on eLearning and instructional design. She makes me laugh, think and apply what I’ve learned from her and those who comment on her blog. In the following Slideshare, Cathy offers a few suggestions on how to make horrible elearning (or just regular) PowerPoint presentations just a little more palatable.

Are there any other tips or tricks you could add to the five ways to make linear navigation more interesting?

I can think of at least one: challenge learners’ preconceptions. For example, start with “everyone knows A,” then use the other tips Cathy mentions and some sound logic as to why “A” is so obviously wrong, and end with “but A isn’t true/real/applicable.”

Of course, challenging learners’ preconceptions may fall under the “Create a Dilemma” or the “Contrast & Compare” tips. What do you think?

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