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You’re Who Again? Twittering Your Name

Googling your name is an easy way to identify what you’ve got floating about the Internet. It’s also one of those things that potential employers will do as a free and quick background check (link to Newsweek story) before they call you for that interview.

TwitterBut, have you ever considered Twittering yourself?

It hadn’t even occurred to me until today after I sent my resume into a large education company here in the States.

On Twitter, you can find people by their name which is a good way to find colleagues, experts in a particular field, and friends or family. But have you done so with your own name?

I imagine if you have a fairly common name, like my sister, you will find many people popping up. I, on the other, hand only have two other dopplegangers tweeting (I own three of the five accounts that pop up).

So, while you may be thinking “so what?”, I’m guessing that bad press is, well, bad for you. That includes tweets from people you don’t know but share a name with. While I don’t have a perfect answer for how to overcome a flow of information you cannot control, I am going to do the following:

  • change my personal account name to something different since it is, after all, personal
  • make sure my avatar is consistent for business purposes that way there is a visual identifier even when the name is the same
  • be positive/neutral/truthful in my remarks because Mama always said if you don’t have anything nice to say, for God’s sake don’t tweet about it

Have any other suggestions on damage control or positive spin for “twittering” your name?

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