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LearnTrends: Merging Information, Learning and Social Media by Christy Confetti-Higgins

Merging Information, Learning and Social Media

Leveraging social media tools, relationships and content expertise, the Information Services team at Sun Microsystems has integrated info/knowledge into programs like engineering, marketing, sales and learning to drive connections, discovery and knowledge sharing. The focus is on employee learning, keeping the organization smart and providing good information to drive good decisions. You will learn about the value of information services, how it relates to learning and development, and see the use of Social Learning Exchange, wikis, blogs, Twitter, and virtual worlds to create an integrated learning experience around information for Sun employees.

Slides available at: https://slx.sun.com/1179275991

Note: Christy had trouble with her connection and had to speed through her presentation. My notes may not be complete with some of her points. Quite a bit of it is paraphrased.

My Notes (all mistakes are my own!):

Good information = Smart decisions

Overview information services: digital libraries & research

  • digital libraries & research (DL&R)
  • The library has been part of Sun for over 20 years
  • 2 employees today (10 originally)
  • part of Sun Learning Services
  • focus on information services for employees

Information Services : DL&R Roles

  • connecting people to content
  • connecting content to content
  • connecting people to people

From these connections, employees have good connections to learn, good business decisions for Sun

  • who they should connect with
  • information for research projects

Their role is to reduce that time that they have to spend looking for the information

Portfolio of Information Services

  • Content Services
  • Information Access – wikis, websites, portals
  • Research & Consulting – providing research to people, groups
  • Training & Communications
  • Immersive Environment

Why Information Services?

Bunch of long quotes

“Get Serious about Informal Learning”

“Best practices: reinventing the corporate library”

“End user update: 2009 overview for information managers”

These quotes are available through the slides link found at the top of the post.

It’s all about the CONTENT….

3rd Party Content Management

  • contract negotiations
  • relationships management
  • renewals
  • content pilots
  • content integration **
  • cataloging
  • feedback management

Key Content Sources – for learning

  • visuals of what she’s talking about
  • in addition to ebooks and ejournals
  • wall street journal, safarai books onlin, IEEE journal

Content acquisition process

  • importance of content to business
  • monitor and integrate corp. goals into decision process
  • we immerse ourselves into teams
  • communities – social media, email, forums, blogs, etc.

Christy said: keeps a finger on the pulse of the business to provide the information needed.

We know the information vendor landscape so..

  • quality of information and satisfaction with product
  • conduct trials with targetd groups (justify the purchase and measure the value)

Quite a few journals that focus on engineering and technical information (IEEE, Springer, EBSCOhost, ACM, Harvard Business Review, etc.)

– Safari books online
-books 24×7
-Springer eBooks – computer science

All integrated and accessible in multiple ways.

Content feedback Loop, Usage and ROI

  • Surveys to users, target audience
  • ROI work with vendors: productivity, time savings, dollars saved, impact to biz
  • Focus groups when possible
  • Talk to key target user groups at meetings, events, progects

Christy said: Safari eBooks is very big at Sun and Christy supplied several feedback comments in regards to it.

Christy said: Google Scholar is great! but you need a subscription to access some of the texts

Keys for Learning via Information Services you must

  • integrate
  • particpate (webinars, etc)
  • communicate

URL for slides: https://slx.sun.com/1179275991

They have a Twitter page (libraryresearch)

MyLearning is a learning resource center for employees

  • modules include Media, books, news, blogs

Sales U and Services Delivery U

  • fairly new programs in the Sun environment
  • employees who are going through the programs that there are additional information sources that are related to their area of learning
  • as employees look through the site, they see other services that map to areas that relate to their own

Social Media Tools

  • Blogging
  • podcasts

Social Learning Exchange

  • YouTube for the corporation
  • Employees can post video to the exchange for others to leverage; examples include
  • sales pitch
  • informational video on the library

Christy said: User generated content plus library generated content is a powerful combination

Safari Books Online

  • employees can create content or booklets for others to access

1Stop is a wiki frequented by engineers within Sun

  • particular areas within 1Stop that library has integrated its information into the wiki pages
  • RSS feed of Solaris fed into the wiki so it automatically updates without constant maintenance

Informing Employees about Social Media

  • She created a blog that is fed to appropriate spots in the enterprise network

At this point, Tony Karrer asked her about how all these information resources integrated into learning (we were running out of time and he wanted her to summarize; had to skip the parts on Second Life). Christy answered that the information services are a learning tool in and of itself. The key integration points are those mentioned at the beginning of her discussion. The focus on informal learning has allowed a window to open for them to integrate more of their services and information into other areas. Information services and learning space are coming together. Information services professional will evaluate content, know and integrate that information across the organization.

Is it easy to search for content using tags? Used a tool, Grocker (sp), to search across resources. The content providers are implementing social tools into platforms. Her department does not have one way to tag across resources because of the various content providers.

Mobile solutions and access outside the system? Content providers do offer some mobile access through mobile devices. The Sun Learning Exchange is set outside the server so employees can access it from their mobile devices.

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