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LearnTrends: Merging Information, Learning and Social Media by Christy Confetti-Higgins

Merging Information, Learning and Social Media

Leveraging social media tools, relationships and content expertise, the Information Services team at Sun Microsystems has integrated info/knowledge into programs like engineering, marketing, sales and learning to drive connections, discovery and knowledge sharing. The focus is on employee learning, keeping the organization smart and providing good information to drive good decisions. You will learn about the value of information services, how it relates to learning and development, and see the use of Social Learning Exchange, wikis, blogs, Twitter, and virtual worlds to create an integrated learning experience around information for Sun employees.

Slides available at: https://slx.sun.com/1179275991

Note: Christy had trouble with her connection and had to speed through her presentation. My notes may not be complete with some of her points. Quite a bit of it is paraphrased.

My Notes (all mistakes are my own!):

Good information = Smart decisions

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LearnTrends 2009: Building a social learning environment by Jane Hart

Description from LearnTrends site:
Case studies of how we have helped a number of organizations (from education and workplace learning – including University of East London and Worldwide Fund for Nature) build social learning environments using the Elgg open social engine, highlighting some of the drivers, issues and successes along the way.

My live notes from the session (all mistakes are mine!):

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