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Interactivities | Project Management | Writing | Graphics | Presentations

A portfolio is more than just a place to stick screenshots of past projects. A living, breathing representation of an instructional designer’s work, a portfolio should evolve over time and track the forward progress of skills and ideas.

Sounds a bit prissy, doesn’t it? But, for all its fussiness, that first statement has a kernel of truth deep inside of it. A portfolio should be a way to track the progression of skills as well as a showcase for talent. In this case, this portfolio showcases my talents in instructional design.

Except “instructional design” is too bland a phrase for everything that I can do. It’s a field that requires a unique set of skills. So, I don’t just design instruction, I also write, develop multimedia, create graphics, and manage projects.

Therefore, I offer you a sampling of those skills through my portfolio. If you have any questions, please contact me. My resume can be viewed at my LinkedIn profile.

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