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Graphic of people and pyramid I had to update an older graphic but wanted to keep the pyramid structure (it was part of the content design). So, I decided on a faceless weeble graphic and drew each and every character in the pyramid in Photoshop CS2.

Twitter Background
The trick with creating Twitter backgrounds is that Twitter does not resize for the viewer’s monitor. Therefore, you have to design for the least common denominator, which in this case was 1024x 768. That really limited what I could do but I was satisified with the clean look of the background.

The logo in the left hand corner is not my design however I had to take it apart and move it around to fit within the small space to the left of the main active area in the middle. I also changed the font colors (both text and links) as well as the right hand bar color to match the logo.

orientation website
The Orientation website required a clean design that 1) was easy to navigate, and 2) used colors that meshed with the company’s color scheme. Banners and the apple graphic were drawn by hand. Layout was done in Photoshop and then built in Dreamweaver using CSS.

By the way, the apple design was a tribute to the instructors and students, who are themselves teachers.

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