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Project Management

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Blank Course Content DocumentWhile working with SMEs who live across the country, I use a simple document to keep all written content in one place. While the word processing document doesn’t look like much, it’s actually a life saver. I collaborate with SMEs in GoogleDocs and, while meeting through Skype, we work on the same document at the same time. It’s a time saver and cost effective.

Project Managment - Teambox.comGoal setting and keeping everyone on the team on the same page (so to speak) is an important part of project management. I discovered Teambox recently and like its features. I can send out invites to team members, add goals and milestones, set up a notes area (wiki) and send messages (forum structure). The image to the left is of a project that has a long timeline therefore there aren’t many milestones at the moment.

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