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A colleague and I presented the “Working in Virtual Teams” webinar using DimDim to the online learning community in September of 2009. This presentation gave a brief overview of the stereotypes in today about virtual workers, the actual traits needed to be a virtual worker (which are anything but stereotypical!), the tools that we used to collaborate, and a case study on how it was all used together. The slide notes are available through Slideshare.
I developed most of the visual design but the final approval went through a committee process.
My colleagues and I presented at the TCC 2009 conference on LMS conversion. The company we developed online learning for converted from Blackboard to Sakai and the presentation detailed our journey for that process. I presented slides 9, 12, and 13. In addition, I developed the overview slide, rocket graphic, and the cartoons on my slides. The slide notes are available through Slideshare.
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